The Future is Bright for Home Sellers in the Quad Cities

It’s hard to believe that the citizens of the Quad Cities and the rest of the world have been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for almost a year, but thankfully there seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of this very long tunnel. The trickle-down effect of the virus for the past twelve months has undoubtedly affected the real estate market, both locally and globally, causing many prospective home sellers to temporarily postpone placing their properties on the market in 2020.

During January and February of 2020, local Quad Cities realtors were on track to have a record-breaking year in both local real estate development and home sales. However, as we all know, those dreams were quickly dashed as COVID-19 started its worldwide devastation. We were cautioned to stay home and shelter in place, which led many potential home sellers to become concerned and unsure of how to proceed forward with listing their home on the MLS.

After a few months of reworking, retooling, and restructuring the ways that homes can be bought or sold, the Quad Cities real estate market was back in action. In being forced to pivot their business platform, local QC realtors discovered creative new avenues for their clients which would satisfy the need for both safety and sales, including virtual 3-D home tours, no-contact showings, and client-to-broker online Zoom conferences. While most of these innovative ideas will continue far into the future, the start of 2021 is seemingly sliding closer to some sense of normalcy and hopefully people will start to feel more comfortable venturing back out into the world and back onto the real estate market.

Here at The Bassford Team, we are dedicated to providing our wonderful Quad City clients with exceptional home buying and selling experiences, regardless of the circumstances. Our elite group of real estate specialists and agents have been in complete compliance with the currently CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures. Each of our listings are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every showing so our clients can feel as comfortable as possible when buying or selling their homes.

For additional information about real estate in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas, please contact The Bassford Team today at (309) 292-3681 to schedule an appointment.

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