The Benefits of Buying Your Own Condo in the Quad Cities

Here in the Quad Cities and surrounding communities, we are certainly no strangers to those “wonderful” Midwest winters. However, after days upon weeks of relentless frigid temperatures, snowfalls, and storms, combined with the fact that it has been unseasonably cold this year in the QC area, we thought that many of you might be a little tired of the constant salting and scraping that typically goes along with territory of owning a single-family home. So if you’re ready to give up your shovels and get into a condo in the Quad Cities, give The Bassford Team a call today!

Although there are many advantages to purchasing a condominium, the first thing that potential condo buyers should be aware of is that they are usually required to join the homeowners association where the property is located. Tenants will be expected to pay a monthly HOA fee to cover the routine maintenance and standard upkeep that comes with the yard, garden/botanical areas, parking lots, shared living spaces...etc. What this means for you specifically is that someone else will be clearing those freezing walkways while you enjoy the comfort and coziness of your brand new condo. Many people find this to be a much better alternative, especially when the windchill factor is below zero and it’s dangerous just to be outside, even for short periods of time. Additionally, once the warmer weather starts to set in here in the Quad Cities, those long summer days of sweltering in the sunshine while mowing your lawn will effectively be over.

Here at The Bassford Team, we know that weather can play a big factor in deciding where and when to move, so we’ve taken a little bit of time to feature a few of our favorite condos for sale in the Quad City area, including:

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