The Bassford Team Helps QC Buyers and Sellers

Easter is over and Mother’s Day is more than a month away, which means potential homebuyers in the Quad Cities can shift their focus back to the real estate market this week without having to worry about any other pressing matters penciled into their daily calendars for the time being.

We’re Here For You

The logistics of buying a house can sometimes be challenging, especially if it’s attempting to be done during any of the holiday seasons throughout the year. Not because there’s a mad rush for houses, but because the buyer themself is busy with purchasing presents, hosting family gatherings, or is simply too overwhelmed to even look at a listing, let alone take a deep dive into the local real estate market.

Here at The Bassford Team, we understand that the idea of buying a home can oftentimes be placed on the back burner in lieu of other important life events, but if you’re ready to make your homebuying dreams become a reality, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. We have an exceptional selection of homes for sale in the Quad Cities, including single-family houses, condos & townhomes, residential lots & land, and new construction homes.

Feeling Financial Pressure?

More often than not, people that are looking into purchasing a new property will need to sell their current home in order to afford the down payment for the next house. That’s where The Bassford Team comes into the picture. We offer a trifecta of terrific programs that will help potential buyers sell their current house quickly & easily, including the trade-in, instant cash offer, and guaranteed sale program.

Contact Us Today

Since their first brick-and-mortar RE/MAX building was constructed back in 2014, Rich Bassford and the elite professionals with The Bassford Team have been helping Quad City citizens with all of their real estate needs. We have an excellent collection of open houses scheduled for this upcoming weekend, so as soon as you’re ready to buy or sell a house in the Quad Cities, be sure to contact a member of The Bassford Team at (309) 292-3681.

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