Selling Luxury Homes in the Quad Cities

Are you waiting to sell a luxury house in the Quad Cities because you’re unsure about where to start? Whether you’re a first-time seller or a well-seasoned investor, The Bassford Team is ready to help you handle all of your high-end, luxury real estate needs with the utmost care, discretion, and professionalism.

Listing a luxury home on the local Quad City market takes more finesse than simply placing the property on the MLS and hoping for the best. Here at The Bassford Team, our unique, hands-on approach to selling luxury homes, impeccable attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to the needs of our clients has made us one of the most successful real estate companies in the Quad Cities. We have developed dynamic marketing campaigns, strategies, and policies to ensure that the luxury property is accessible to the right buyers while simultaneously maintaining the high-level of privacy that selling a sophisticated listing requires.

With decades of combined experience & success, our elite group of professionals here at The Bassford Team have become well-versed in the world of selling luxury real estate in Bettendorf, Davenport, Moline, Rock Island, and the surrounding Quad City communities. From lifelong homeowners to frequent house-flippers, and everyone in between, if you’re looking to sell a luxury home in the Quad Cities, call The Bassford Team.

In addition to helping current owners sell their luxury homes, The Bassford Team also assists with selling residential lots & land, multi-family properties, condos & townhouses, and brand-new construction homes throughout the Quad Cities. Through our comprehensive instant cash offer, trade-in, and guaranteed sale programs, we’ve helped countless clients achieve their home-selling dreams. Our commitment is unmatched & unparalleled, and we’ll work around the clock to ensure that you receive everything on your real estate checklist.

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With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season quickly approaching, we understand if you’re hesitant to sell your luxury Quad City house at this moment. However, when you work with The Bassford Team, you can rest easy knowing that the sale of your high-end property is in the right hands, no matter what time of year it is.

For additional information about selling a luxury house in the Quad Cities, please contact The Bassford Team today at (309) 292-3681.

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