Sell Your Quad City Home Hassle-Free with The Bassford Team

Are you in the market to list your Quad City home but are maybe a little hesitant about the hassles and headaches that come along with it? Selling a house in the Quad Cities should be a breeze, especially when you work with a group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals like The Bassford Team.

Since the construction of their first brick and mortar RE/MAX office in Moline, Illinois back in 2014, Rich Bassford and the elite group of professionals at The Bassford Team have been dedicated to providing quality real estate solutions for potential homebuyers and sellers in the Quad Cities.

Have you recently remarried and desperately want more space since your beloved blended family now resembles the Brady Bunch? Has the last of your kiddos gone off to college and you need to sell your house so you can fly to Florida and become a snowbird? Regardless of your reasons for requiring a reputable real estate agent, The Bassford Team is fully prepared to help you achieve your real estate dreams.

Unless you have secured a large loan from your financial institution or your savings account says otherwise, most homeowners will usually need to place their current property on the local real estate market and actually sell that listing before they’re able to afford a downpayment on a new home. If this situation rings true for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at The Bassford Team, we proudly provide our instant cash offer, trade-in, and guaranteed sale programs, which have been specifically created & designed with the home-seller’s needs in mind. For example, if you choose to utilize the guaranteed sale program, The Bassford Team will place your property on the Quad City real estate market for its full estimated value and then purchase it from you for a predetermined price if for some reason it does not sell. More often than not, houses are listed for slightly less than they’re worth so they’ll have a competitive advantage over the other properties in the neighborhood. And while this can be a good solution for some people, it can be a deal breaker for others who need every last bit of return on their investment.

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If you have any questions about the guaranteed sale, trade-in, or instant cash offer programs, or would like to schedule a showing for a Quad City listing featured on our website, please contact The Bassford Team today at (309) 292-3681.

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