Rich Bassford Helps Quad City Homebuyers

As you begin your beautiful journey to homeownership, there are a few things that Quad City homebuyers should be aware of. As experts in the local real estate industry, you can count on QC realtor Rich Bassford and his glorious group of professionals at The Bassford Team to know a thing or two about buying and selling homes in the Quad Cities.

It’s The Little Things

Before you dive head first into the deep end of the real estate market, take a little bit of time to figure out what you truly need from your new home. Do you have a large family and will therefore require a house with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and hopefully a spacious layout? Do you want to live within the hustle & bustle of the busy city limits or would you rather reside somewhere cozier and quieter out in the country? Although the exact specifics for each buyer will be somewhat different, those core necessities will ultimately remain the same.

Our Guaranteed Sale Program

Leave it to Rich Bassford to create an easier way for potential sellers to maneuver the sometimes less-than-marvelous real estate market. After devoting decades of his personal and professional life to becoming the best realtor in the Quad City area, Rich Bassford developed the guaranteed sale program in order to provide a sense of comfort and certainty to his clients while they work their way to homeownership.

Although certain restrictions and requirements apply, homes that qualify for the guaranteed sale program will be placed on the real estate market at its full estimated value so you as the current homeowner have the opportunity to receive the maximum profits for your property. In the event that your home does not sell at the predetermined price, The Bassford Team will then purchase this property from the seller for the price that was contractually agreed upon by both parties involved. It’s a win-win situation.

Contact Us Today

For additional information about our exceptional selection of single-family homes, new residential constructions, condos/townhouse developments, or any other Quad City property for sale on our website, please contact The Bassford Team today at (309) 292-3681 to schedule an appointment.

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