QC Housing Market Sees a Surge in Local Home Sales

According to a recent report from the Quad City Realtors Association, houses in our area are spending less and less time on the local real estate market; almost half from what was just five short years ago. For example, a residential listing within Scott County previously averaged around sixty days on the market in 2016. Fast-forward to the present day where local sellers are seeing their properties being purchased at warp speed, with some deals closing in less than a month.

Selling a home in the Quad Cities has never been easier, especially if you enlist the elite group of real estate professionals at The Bassford Team. Whether you’re a first-time seller or a house-flipping master, we offer an incredible variety of home-selling programs that’ve been specifically created based on the wants and needs of our wonderful QC clients.

Guaranteed Sale Program

In addition to our trade-in and instant cash offer packages, the guaranteed sale program from The Bassford Team aims to help ease the typical fears and worries that current homeowners usually face when making the exciting yet sometimes scary decision to sell their home in the Quad Cities.

As long as your property meets the necessary requirements for the guaranteed sale program, The Bassford Team will place your house on the local real estate market at its full estimated value in order for you, the seller, to achieve the listing’s maximum profit. That said, if for some reason the house does not sell, we will purchase it from you at a predetermined price that was agreed upon in the contract.

Buying a QC Home

Although we’ve been highly-focused on the selling aspect of real estate in this article, it would be silly of us to not mention our exceptional variety of properties throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding communities that are selling like hotcakes, including:

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