October Open Houses in the Quad Cities

Shopping online for a new home is good, but experiencing an open house is twice as nice. If you’re searching for a single-family house, luxury listing, condo, or brand new construction in the Quad Cities, then call The Bassford Team today!

Even though there are plenty of online real estate resources, sifting through pages of properties on the internet isn’t quite the same as stepping foot through the framed doorway to see the home first hand. Without the opportunity to walk around and get a feel for the layout of the land, so to speak, you may be left with more questions than answers.

Will My Furniture Fit?

Depending on the angles in which the property photos were shot, general living areas may appear larger or smaller than they actually are. By visiting an open house, you’ll get an up-close and personal view of every room and can even take measurements to ensure that your kitchen appliances, couches, and other large items will fit comfortably.

How Big Are The Bedrooms?

They say that people spend more time in their bedrooms than any other place in the house, so it’s extremely important that you find a suitable space for rest, relaxation, or to simply take a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Can The House Be Childproofed?

The answer to this question is typically “yes” due to the sheer amount of baby safety and childproofing items on the market today. Attending an open house is the best way to identify those potentially “tricky spots” for kids on the property that may have been difficult to locate in the online photos.

Is The Property Pet-Friendly?

Our pets are like our children and we certainly treat them as such, so you wouldn’t want to invest in a new house that didn’t provide an adequate yard for Fido or room to run and lounge around for Fluffy.

Contact Us Today!

Here at The Bassford Team, we can provide you with answers to these most commonly asked questions and more by attending any of the following open house events this weekend in the Quad Cities:

If you would like additional information about our open house selection or buying a home in the Quad Cities, please call a member of The Bassford Team today at (309) 292-3681 to schedule an appointment.

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