New Year, New You, New Ways to Sell Your QC Home

While you’re busy getting back into your normal routine and day-to-day the swing of things after the hustle & bustle of the holiday weekend, be sure to set aside some time to take a look at the latest selection of homes for sale throughout the Quad Cities from The Bassford Team.

As we enter into the final week of 2021, citizens of the QC area are looking forward to the new opportunities that next year will bring. Many people set resolutions for themselves, like breaking bad habits and trying to create a healthier lifestyle, while others vow to live life to the fullest by exploring new hobbies, foods, and vacation destinations. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, The Bassford Team will always be here to aid you with finding the perfect listing - guaranteed.

For over two decades, QC realtor Rich Bassford has dedicated his professional career to assisting his clients to achieve their real estate aspirations, goals, and dreams. After branching out and opening his first brick-and-mortar office back in 2018, Rich quickly realized that local property owners were in need of a support system designed specifically for individuals who are interested in selling their houses in the Quad Cities. He brainstormed with his team, consulted with local real estate experts, and finally came up with a designated set of programs geared towards helping current homeowners sell their homes hassle-free: the instant cash offer, trade-in, and guaranteed sale programs.

Guaranteed Sale Program

As one of the most popular home-selling avenues available from The Bassford Team, the guaranteed sale program has successfully helped countless clients and citizens in the Quad Cities sell their unwanted properties. Simply put, if your house meets the necessary qualifications & requirements, The Bassford Team will place your listing on the local real estate market at its full estimated value which gives the owner the opportunity to receive the maximum profit for their property. Now, if for some reason the house does not sell, our professionals will purchase the house from the owner for an amount that was predetermined in the seller’s contract. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved, in our opinion.

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For additional information about our trade-in, guaranteed sale, or instant cash offer programs, please submit your request through our website or contact The Bassford Team directly at (309) 292-3681 to speak with a knowledgeable real estate representative.

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