Guaranteed Sale and Instant Cash Offer Programs for QC Home Sellers

The trials and tribulations that current homeowners frequently face when trying to sell their home in the Quad Cities can oftentimes cause unnecessary confusion and concern for individuals who are perhaps less-than-confident with the local real estate market...especially if they are a first-time seller. Here at The Bassford Team, we offer a wide variety of programs designed to assist Quad City sellers with every aspect of the home-selling process, so you can cast those fears aside and rest easy knowing that our dedicated real estate professionals will have you covered every step of the way.

Guaranteed Sale Program

How much is my home actually worth? Will I actually receive my asking price? What if my home doesn’t sell? These are the primary questions that pop up time and time again when speaking about selling a home in the Quad Cities. With the guaranteed sale program from The Bassford Team, houses are placed on the MLS at a full estimated value meaning that you as the home seller are receiving the best chances to receive the maximum profit from the sale. Traditional listings will sometimes be set at a lower value so it sells quickly and doesn’t sit around and become a stagnant property. And while this can certainly be a fine solution for some sellers, if you’re looking to get the most money possible from the sale of your home, this probably isn’t the right route for you. That said, if your home doesn’t sell, The Bassford Team will proceed to purchase the home from you at a previously agreed upon price.* Win win.

Instant Cash Offers

If you’ve suddenly found yourself in a sticky home-selling situation such as a divorce, a foreclosure, a landlord/tenant relationship gone sour, or maybe you’ve inherited an unwanted property after the passing of a loved one, then The Bassford Team is here to help. If you need to sell your Quad City home fast and it meets our qualifying criteria for an instant cash offer, we will present you with a fair, usually all-cash, no-obligation offer typically within 7 business days. It really is that easy and hassle-free!

Call Us Today!

For over twenty years, Quad City realtor Rich Bassford has been providing exceptional real estate services to the great citizens of the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. If you would like to schedule an appointment regarding our instant cash offer or guaranteed sale programs, please contact The Bassford Team today at (309) 292-3681 for additional information.

*Qualifications and limitations may apply.

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