Federal Interest Rate Increases Could Affect QC Real Estate Market

According to a recently released article from USA Today, the United States Federal Reserve is planning a series of small interest rate increases scheduled to disperse at spaced-out intervals throughout the next few months. After the initial hike goes into place today, consumers will likely see higher rates when applying for auto loans, property mortgages, and credit cards through their financial institutions.

Although it can be concerning when the real estate market changes and unexpectedly fluctuates, let’s try to look at the situation from a “glass half full” perspective. City officials throughout the Quad Cities are constantly constructing new residential neighborhoods and complexes to meet the ever-growing needs for affordable housing in the area. Interest rates are still at an all-time low, even with the latest increases from the government, which is certainly good news for potential buyers who are looking to borrow a bit of money to buy a home. And even though the demand for new houses in the Quad Cities continues to be quite competitive, the amount of people preparing to sell their homes has caught up considerably.

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