Davenport or Moline? We Have Both at The Bassford Team!

Are you having a difficult time deciding between a move to Davenport or Moline? If so, let real estate professionals with The Bassford Team help you weigh out your options with these latest new listings to hit the local market on both sides of the Mississippi River.

As two of the most popular metropolitan areas located in the Quad Cities, Davenport, Iowa and Moline, Illinois are home to multiple mom & pop shops, unique eateries, top-notch school systems, and several business and employment opportunities for hard-working individuals who are perhaps searching for a new career path. Today at The Bassford Team, we’re taking the time to highlight our most recent batch of single-family homes for sale throughout Davenport and Moline.

Davenport, IA

Moline, IL

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