Celebrate Halloween with The Bassford Team

The Halloween holiday weekend is almost here, so if you’re looking to scare up some extra space for next year’s trick-or-treaters, then check out the latest selection of Quad City homes for sale from The Bassford Team!

Do you go all out for Halloween? Is your front porch adorned with wicked witches, hard-carved jack-o’ lanterns, and countless friendly Caspers as far as the eye can see? Have you been stacking your Netflix watchlist with cheesy slasher flicks featuring a few guys named Freddy, Jason, or Michael? Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this year, The Bassford Team is back this Wednesday morning with a handful of hot new QC homes that are perfect for hosting horror movie marathons, bobbing for apples in the backyard, or simply relaxing next to a roaring bonfire while handing out candy to the neighborhood kiddos.



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